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Chanalyzer for Mac (version 1.2)
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MetaGeek has two new releases -
Chanalyzer for Mac and Chanalyzer Lab!

Chanalyzer for Mac (version 1.2)

the best spectrum analysis software for the Mac OS X platform

MetaGeek is going back to the Mac!  We’ve just released the latest version of Chanalyzer for Mac, v1.2, which supports all current Wi-Spy models, including new firmware versions of Wi-Spy DBx.  Snow Leopard (10.6) and Lion (10.7) Mac users can now download Chanalyzer for Mac and troubleshoot Wi-Fi interference.

Using Chanalyzer for Mac, you can:
• get real-time RF signal strength, density, and waterfall graphs

• find specific device interference with our unique 3D View

• use the best native spectrum analysis software available for Mac - for free.


Been waiting to get a MetaGeek Wi-Spy USB Spectrum Analyzer for your Mac? Get a Wi-Spy 2.4x or DBx and download the Chanalyzer for Mac software to start visualizing your wireless network today.


Chanalyzer Lab (version 1.2)

the most configurable Chanalyzer application for advanced users

When you need to fine tune the hardware configurations of your Wi-Spy like a traditional spectrum analyzer - get Chanalyzer Lab from MetaGeek and use it with any of our Wi-Spy USB devices*. We have packed many of the traditional options of a bench top spectrum analyzer into our software platform that can easily travel with you.

Using Chanalyzer Lab, you can: • Save custom hardware presets to maintain consistency in test environments.

• Monitor 900 MHz, 2.4, or 5 GHz bands simultaneously with multiple Wi-Spy devices

• Export captured data to .csv for use in your lab and field applications


One of the mostly highly requested features for Chanalyzer Lab has been “export to .csv”, which we are excited to make available in this latest release. This allows you to export your data to use with other software applications like Matlab.

Chanalyzer Lab is highly configurable. Select specific frequencies and slow the dwell time and step size down to get higher resolution data, or speed up to get a quick overall picture. You can also use zoom to look closely at a specific frequency, or the inspector tool to see additional details. With advanced playback controls and other expert features, Chanalyzer Lab is what you need to understand, troubleshoot, or build wireless networks.
- Wi-Spy v1 does not support Chanalyzer Lab
- For Windows OS

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