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Ha llegado aircrack-ng-1.6 con soporte WPA3
« en: 26-01-2020, 05:42 (Domingo) »
Pues como dice el titulo , ya esta aqui una nueva version de aircrack-ng , lo mas notable puede ser el soporte a WPA3 , en sus herramientas , tambien hay bastantes fixes , algunos relacionados con PMKID.

Os dejo el changelog

Aircrack-ng: Added support for MidnightBSD
Aircrack-ng: Fixed ARM processors display with -u
Aircrack-ng: Fixed AVX-512F support
Aircrack-ng: Fixed cracking speed calculation
Aircrack-ng: Fixed cracking WEP beyond 10k IVS
Aircrack-ng: Fixed creating new session and added test case
Aircrack-ng: Fixed encryption display in some cases when prompting for network to crack
Aircrack-ng: Fixed exiting Aircrack-ng in some cases
Aircrack-ng: Fixed logical and physical processor count detection
Aircrack-ng: Fixed PMKID length check
Aircrack-ng: Various fixes and improvements to WPA cracking engine and its performance
Airdecap-ng: Decrypt both directions when WDS is in use
Airdecap-ng: Fixed decrypting WPA PCAP when BSSID changes
Airgraph-ng: Added support for WPA3
Airgraph-ng: Switch to argparse
Airmon-ng: Added detection for wicd, Intel Wireless Daemon (iwd), net_applet
Airmon-ng: Handle case when avahi keeps getting restarted
Airmon-ng: Indicates when interface doesn't exist
Airodump-ng: Added autocolorization interactive key
Airodump-ng: Added option to read PCAP in realtime (-T)
Airodump-ng: Added PMKID detection
Airodump-ng: Added support for GMAC
Airodump-ng: Added support for WPA3 and OWE (Enhanced Open)
Airodump-ng: Basic UTF-8 support
Airodump-ng: Checked management frames are complete before processing IE to avoid switch from WEP to WPA
Airodump-ng: Display signal when reading from PCAP
Airodump-ng: Fixed netxml output with hidden SSID
Airodump-ng: Improved rates calculation for 802.11n/ac
Airtun-ng: Fixed using -p with -e
Autoconf: Fixed order of ssl and crypto libraries
dcrack: Fixed client reporting benchmark
dcrack: Now handles chunked encoding when communicating (default in Python3)
Freeradius-WPE: Updated patch for v3.0.20
General: Added NetBSD endianness support
General: Added python3 support to scripts
General: Added script to update autotools on CentOS 7
General: Added security policy to report security issues
General: Reorganizing filesystem layout (See PR 2032), and switch to automake 1.14+
General: Convert to non-recursive make (part of PR 2032)
General: Deduplicating functions and code cleanups
General: Fixed packaging on cygwin due to openssl library name change
General: Fixed SPARC build on Solaris 11
General: Removed coveralls.io
General: Updated dependencies in README.md/INSTALLING
General: Use upstream radiotap libary, as a sub-tree
General: various fixes and improvements (code, CI, integration tests, coverity)
HostAPd-WPE: Updated for v2.9
Manpages: Fixes and improvements
Tests: Added Integration tests for aireplay-ng, airodump-ng, aircrack-ng, airbase-ng, and others
Tests: Added tests for airdecap-ng, aircrack-ng

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Re:Ha llegado aircrack-ng-1.6 con soporte WPA3
« Respuesta #1 en: 26-01-2020, 08:57 (Domingo) »
Se puede utilizar en windwos?

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Re:Ha llegado aircrack-ng-1.6 con soporte WPA3
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