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i have beta 12 installed to hdd i dont realy want do fresh install i read in this forum how to upgrade kenel cut past xzm vm files on live usb what else do i need to do to get beta 13 on hdd and live usb

i have found fue bugs and would like to help develpers with the little i do no so wich bord  or were should i send bug reports to?

thanks  ;)


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Hey highrollaaka stop a second!!

First thing: Wifislax can't be updated, so it's usually a waste of time to instal beta versions, I'm sorry, you have to format and install again new version.
Second thing: You know already where is Collaborators subforum, if you have any report you can do it there. When betatesting only last version coments will be acepted. Remember than development team is quite small and they need some time to fix each bug, if you are continously posting they won't have time enough to read, answer an develop.
Third thing: You must remember that this is a Spanish forum, we are trying to make it as easy as posible for english speakers, as we can't support more lenguages. However it would be better if you don't speak spanish that you try to write as correct and ordenated as posible and to enclose at least a google translator translation from your text to spanish.

I'm preparing some english documentation to help english speakers to start using WifiSlax and the forum.

I really admire your interest to learn, help and colaborate when lenguage is an obstacle. Just a bit more to make it easier for non-english users, even moderators, and it can be very usefull for everybody. Take it easy  ;)


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ok sory maybe runing to fast  before i can walk lol thanks i will read what you send me  i like a good old  chalange allways trying the imposible to make it possible not just for me but anyone the world our  oustar*  make it happen before its to late anyway good eveing