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i have tryed adduser script and useradd thay work bout are unable to write new acount i keep loging in a root and toor i installed kuser that makes me new user but when i try to log in it says cant log in as /    what dose /   meen is it root  well i am stuck i googled it tryed lots of thing it just is not working i read that i should contact my  distrobutin manager wich is you guse can some one pls help me my system is so vanrible i am farly new to wifislax and want to have a safe boot partion that i can not change and have home partion with same file system so i can add applications and play music i want full control of my home account  i just reinstalled wifislax again because of the problem not being able to set it up write i have made 3 partion

2=ext4 as root/boot partin have installed wifislax on this
3=ext4 as home blank partion wich i want to use as home with copyed file system

can some one pls help me out as everything i have tried has not worked ther must be a way

thanks  ???

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