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Título: Aircrack-ng
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git clone tar.gz

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wget tar.gz
 tar -zxvf aircrack-ng-1.7.tar.gz
 cd aircrack-ng-1.7
 autoreconf -i
 ./configure --with-experimental
 make install

Compiling with AirPcap support (cygwin only)
Copy 'developer' directory from the AirPcap CD at the same level as 'Aircrack-ng' directory
Append '- -with-airpcap=../developer' parameter to configure:

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git clone
cd aircrack-ng
autoreconf -i
./configure --with-experimental
make install
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Si tu SO está basado en Debian. Por ejemplo Ubuntu y kali Linux y slax 9

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apt install build-essential autoconf automake libtool pkg-config libnl-3-dev libssl-dev libpcre3-dev
En root
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Publicado por: Hwagm en 27-12-2019, 22:41 (Viernes)
with-airpcap=DIR: needed for supporting airpcap devices on windows (cygwin or msys2 only) Replace DIR above with the absolute location to the root of the extracted source code from the Airpcap CD or downloaded SDK available online. Required on Windows to build besside-ng, besside-ng-crawler, easside-ng, tkiptun-ng and wesside-ng when building experimental tools. The developer pack (Compatible with version 4.1.1 and 4.1.3) can be downloaded at

with-experimental: needed to compile tkiptun-ng, easside-ng, buddy-ng, buddy-ng-crawler, airventriloquist and wesside-ng. libpcap development package is also required to compile most of the tools. If not present, not all experimental tools will be built. On Cygwin, libpcap is not present and the Airpcap SDK replaces it. See –with-airpcap option above. On debian based distro, install libpcap-dev
with-ext-scripts: needed to build airoscript-ng, versuck-ng, airgraph-ng and airdrop-ng. Note: Each script has its own dependencies. Note: It's only required in install phase.
with-gcrypt: Use libgcrypt crypto library instead of the default OpenSSL. And also use internal fast sha1 implementation (borrowed from GIT) Dependency (Debian): libgcrypt20-dev

with-duma: Compile with DUMA support. DUMA is a library to detect buffer overruns and under-runs. Dependencies (debian): duma

with-xcode: Set this flag to true to compile on OS X with Xcode 7+.

disable-libnl: Set-up the project to be compiled without libnl (1 or 3). Linux option only.
without-opt: Do not enable stack protector (on GCC 4.9 and above).

enable-shared: Make OSdep a shared library.

disable-shared: When combined with enable-static, it will statically compile Aircrack-ng.

with-avx512: On x86, add support for AVX512 instructions in aircrack-ng. Only use it when the current CPU supports AVX512.

with-static-simd=: Compile a single optimization in aircrack-ng binary. Useful when compiling statically and/or for space-constrained devices. Valid SIMD options: x86-sse2, x86-avx, x86-avx2, x86-avx512, ppc-altivec, ppc-power8, arm-neon, arm-asimd. Must be used with –enable-static –disable-shared. When using those 2 options, the default is to compile the generic optimization in the binary. –with-static-simd merely allows to choose another one.
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Título: Re:Aircrack-ng
Publicado por: Hwagm en 13-05-2022, 08:19 (Viernes)
Aircrack-ng Changelog
Version 1.7 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.6) - Released 10 May 2022:

Airmon-ng: Fix avahi killing
Airmon-ng: rewrite service stopping entirely
Airmon-ng: Codestyle fixes and code cleanup
Airmon-ng: Added a few Raspberry Pi hardware revisions
Airmon-ng: Fixes for 8812au driver
Airmon-ng: Fix iwlwifi firmware formatting
Airmon-ng: Remove broken KVM detection
Airmon-ng: Show regdomain in verbose mode
Airmon-ng: Updated Raspberry Pi hardware revisions
Airmon-ng: Document frequency usage
Airmon-ng: Add a sleep to help predictable names due to udev sometimes renaming interface
Airmon-ng: Added warning for broken radiotap headers in kernel 5.15 to 5.15.4
Airmon-ng: shellcheck fixes
Airmon-ng: support systemctl as some systems don't support 'service' anymore
Airmon-ng: Fixes for pciutils 3.8, backward compatible
Airbase-ng: use enum for frame type/subtype
Airbase-ng: remove a few IE in association responses
Besside-ng: Support and detect all channels in 5GHz in Auto-Channel mode
OSdep: Search additional IE for channel information
OSdep: Android macro fixes
Patches: Add missing patches that were on but not in repo
Patches: Updated freeradius-wpe patch for v3.2.0
Patches: Updated hostapd-wpe patch for v2.10
Patches: Added docker containers to test WPE patches
Autotools: make dist now creates VERSION file
Autotools: Added maintainer mode
Autotools: Initial support for Link Time Optimization (LTO) builds
Integration tests: Added a new test, and improved some existing ones
Airgraph-ng: switch airodump-join to Python 3
Manpages: Fixes (typos, tools name, etc.) and improvements
README: Updated dependencies and their installation on various distros in and INSTALLING
README: Fixed typos and spelling in and INSTALLING
Packages: Packages on PackageCloud now support any distro using .deb and .rpm, however, it requires reinstalling repo (BREAKING CHANGE)
General: Fix compilation with LibreSSL 3.5
General: Fix issues reported by Infer
General: Updated buildbots
General: Add Linux uclibc support
General: Compilation fixes on macOS with the Apple M1 CPU
General: Removed TravisCI and AppVeyor
General: Use Github Actions for CI (Linux, Win, macOS, code style, and PVS-Studio)
General: Added vscode devcontainer and documentation
General: Fix warnings from PVS-Studio and build with pedantic (See PR2174)
General: Shell script fixes thanks to shellcheck
General: Fixes for GCC 10 and 11
General: Fixed cross-compilation
General: Code refactoring, deduplication, cleanup, and misc code improvements
General: Coverity Scan fixes, which includes memory leaks, race conditions, division by 0, and other issues
General: PVS Studio improvements,fixes and updates
General: Code formatting/style fixes
General: Various fixes and improvements (code, CI, integration tests, coverity)
General: Update bug reporting template and update the process