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i have just installed wifislax beta and am loged in as root i try adduser it runs at end asks to bail out or create user i push enter and get this error

Creating new account...

useradd: cannot create directory /home/highrolla
- Error running useradd command -- account not created!
(cmd: /usr/sbin/useradd -d /home/highrolla -m   -g users  -s /bin/bash highrolla)

need help to resolve this i want to lern how to create new user and when installing new applactions not using root as i want to boot wifislax and install applactions without the worry of editing root/boot files maybe boot off seprate partion but i have tried this many times without sucksess i only have wifislax on hdd last time i made 3 partions 1) swap 2)ext3 3)ext3  with one ext3 with boot flag but not sure wich flag to put on partions, well after booted up fine but for some reason when i tryed activateing modules they where not installed  so tryed for a fue days with no sucksess  in the i i gused maybe hdd file system was currpt so i reinstalled with 2 partions 1)swap, 2)reiserfs i tryed it without boot flag booted ok and modules installing fine but am left with a file system that is root wich like i said  i did reed some whare i copy file system into home directory well i havent figgerd it out so pls help me out


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